To make affordable, safe, and permanent housing available for everyone.

The Housing Collective facilitates regional initiatives to collectively address housing challenges in multiple geographies across Connecticut. Using a Collective Impact model, we provide the dedicated staff necessary to strategically align resources in order to recalibrate regional housing ecosystems to ensure equitable access to safe and affordable housing for all.

Centers for Housing Opportunity (CHO)

The Centers for Housing Opportunity are place based strategic partnerships that braid together housing practice, policy, advocacy, and resources to address regional housing affordability. Each CHO aligns key regional partners and resources in support of a shared strategy to ensure equitable access to safe and affordable housing.

Eastern Connecticut Center for Housing Equity and Opportunity

Fairfield County Center for Housing Opportunity

Litchfield County Center for Housing Opportunity

Opening Doors (ODI)

Through a Collective Impact approach, ODI coordinates the strategies of homelessness emergency response and prevention services to ensure that episodes of homelessness are rare, brief and non-recurring and that all citizens within the region have access to safe, affordable housing. The Housing Collective serves as the designated lead of the state’s homelessness  Coordinated Access Networks in Fairfield County and in Northwest CT.

Opening Doors Fairfield County

Northwest CT Coordinated Access Network

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We know what needs to change. Help us get there. The Housing Collective supports an impressive network of committed, innovative housing, homelessness, and social justice practitioners.

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