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The Housing Collective is a CT-based nonprofit agency that applies a Collective Impact framework to deliver solutions to the most pressing housing problems. Focused on ending homelessness and creating equitable housing opportunities for all, the Housing Collective provides the leadership and support that enables productive, regional collaboration across organizations and sectors and drives systems change.

Formerly known as Supportive Housing Works, we have worked since 2004 to align communities and resources around collaborative regional responses to homelessness and housing affordability. Our two core initiatives, Opening Doors and the Centers for Housing Opportunity, provide leadership and facilitate the strategic coordination of hundreds of housing and homelessness organizations in multiple geographies, forming a “backbone” for the housing system throughout Western CT. 

The Housing Collective supports and coordinates a full continuum of housing solutions from eviction prevention to low-income homeownership and everything in between. Using data,  technology, and innovation to inform strategy and ensure efficacy, equity, and accountability, we are relentless in our efforts to drive systems change that improves the lives of vulnerable and historically marginalized residents.

Committed to collective impact and equity, the Housing Collective relies on both practitioners with technical expertise and residents with lived experience of housing instability to guide our work at every level, leveraging mutual impact to create thriving communities.


We partner with nearly four hundred organizations working to prevent homelessness and address housing affordability.


In the last year, we have housed nearly two thousand people and diverted over five thousand additional people from homelessness.


Our research shows that Connecticut needs an additional 86,068 homes that are affordable to meet current demand.

8.5 M

Increased investment in solutions to end homelessness and increase affordable housing in the last ten years.

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We know what needs to change. Help us get there. The Housing Collective supports an impressive network of committed, innovative housing, homelessness, and social justice practitioners.

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