The backbone for organizations working to end homelessness and ensure stable, affordable housing is available for everyone.

The Housing Collective (HC) has worked since 2006 to align communities and resources around collaborative regional responses to homelessness and housing affordability. Our core initiatives, Opening Doors (homelessness), the Centers for Housing Opportunity (housing affordability), and the Housing Innovation Lab (housing data and technology solutions), provide regional leadership and facilitate the strategic coordination of hundreds of housing and homelessness organizations in multiple geographies, forming a “backbone” for the housing system throughout Western CT. Using data and innovation to inform strategy and ensure efficacy, equity, and accountability, we are relentless in our efforts to drive and measure systems change that improves the lives of vulnerable and historically marginalized residents.

 HC harnesses and directs the untapped potential of regional housing ecosystems to multiply and amplify impact. This strategic approach is known as Collective Impact, and we believe it is the only way to achieve true systems change. Many good organizations committed to addressing social challenges work in isolation from one another, lessening their potential to drive transformational change, alternatively, HC strategically leverages the collective strengths of multiple organizations, leading collaboratively to reimagine the complex systems that determine access to opportunity.  We provide dedicated staff so that our partners can focus on what they do best. As an organization we work to identify, develop, and facilitate the alignment of every available regional resource. We use data to ensure the highest and best use of those resources and look for opportunities to fill system gaps. We enable geographic regions to operationalize equitable housing solutions at scale.

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We know what needs to change. Help us get there. The Housing Collective supports an impressive network of committed, innovative housing, homelessness, and social justice practitioners.

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