The Housing Collective harnesses the power of collective impact to provide equitable access to housing and ensure housing stability for all.


We envision a future where a safe, stable, and affordable home is available to every member of our communities as a springboard to opportunity and the foundation for a healthy, productive, and meaningful life.


The Housing Collective’s culture is driven by a core set of values that define both who we are and how we operate. Our commitment to these values and relentless pursuit to the mission of our organization provide the foundation for all that we do.


We celebrate, support, and thrive on diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees for the benefit of our team, our work, and our community. We will always acknowledge the expertise of everyone, with an emphasis on individuals’ influential participation in shaping decisions that affect their lives. We  promote cultural sensitivity and social awareness. We recognize unconscious biases and overcoming barriers to equity.


We embrace continual learning and improvement to drive positive change. We will always: Be visionary with a passion for discovery, collective inquiry, and transformation Work in the service of real, lasting solutions Co-create a culture of open mindedness, continuous questioning, learning, and improvement Take risks, and resist letting fear of failure keep us from moving forward.


We value our clients, our community, our co-workers, ourselves, and the resources entrusted to us. We express empathy for the needs, thoughts, and feelings of those we serve and with whom we work.

We will always: Display kindness and respect to everyone Encourage a welcoming and caring environment. Demonstrate professional behavior and ethics. Commit to honesty, transparency, dependability, confidentiality, and trust.


We cultivate meaningful relationships to stimulate cohesion and increase positive outcomes.

We will always: Share information and be proactive to offer support to optimize value. Be transparent and accountable for our actions. Embrace inter-professional partnerships and continuous communication. Include and empower all members of our team.

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We know what needs to change. Help us get there. The Housing Collective supports an impressive network of committed, innovative housing, homelessness, and social justice practitioners.

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