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AffordCT is an online dashboard that outlines supply and demand for affordable and accessible housing statewide in Connecticut. It maps out housing burden across all eight counties and provides a comprehensive map of all subsidized units in the state. The dashboard contains a tool for researchers to upload and share their datasets and includes an API for third parties to access datasets. The tool also includes town and county housing profiles, which serve as miniature reports on housing availability and cost burden.

Billy Huang, CEO of Source Development Hub and the lead developer of AffordCT, walks through how to use the dashboard during a February, 2021 webinar.

Since its launch in 2019, FCCHO has recognized the need for an aggregated online inventory of affordable housing units throughout the state as a means of identifying and aligning regional and statewide housing goals and resources and facilitating shared accountability among housing practitioners, policymakers, funders, and advocates. An open source, online platform for the state’s current affordable housing data is critical to ensuring (1) a fluid, shared understanding of Connecticut’s low-moderate income housing needs and how to meet them; and (2) measuring Connecticut’s collective progress towards meeting those needs.

A project team led by engineering partner Source Development Hub delivered this statewide online inventory of assisted housing units in February 2021. To create a login for the platform and upload your own datasets, or to provide feedback, contact The development of this tool remains an iterative process which we will continue to refine and enhance as additional data become available. Your feedback will assist us in ensuring all users derive as much value as possible from this platform.

Don’t forget to download and review the AffordCT User Guide!

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